The Cost of Moving the Office across the UK

If you have a growing company, you are probably thinking of moving to a bigger office someday. Are you aware of the costs of moving the office across the UK?

The first two questions you have to ask yourself are this: where are you considering moving and how much are you willing to pay? What your company does is also very important, e.g.:

A company that deals with only online customers or customer service can allow itself to move to the outskirts of a city, where an office would surely be cheaper to rent.
Companies that greet customers in their building must keep in mind that they would rather choose a visit in the city than riding miles for a meeting, however big offices in the city also come with a big price.

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The bigger the office, the bigger the price

In big cities like London, offices can be very costly, so why not move the office? There are a couple factors worth considering when considering a move:

  • The location - where do you want to move?
  • Transportation - what is the distance? How big of a truck do you require?
  • The price - how much are you willing to pay? 


The most important part of moving a business is to plan everything out in advance and finding the right office movers. Mgr Removals Ltd, has one of the widest selections of office removals in the UK, with specific services available at bargain prices in specific locations, for example: Removals Ealing, Removals FulhamRemovals HammersmithRemovals Hanwell or Removals Harrow. Whether you choose Ealing, Harrow, or any other location, MGR Removals have excellent work experience, providing affordable prices and a wide range of additional services.

Transport and Pricing

Before you arrange transport, you have to decide whether you would like a transit van or a luton van, as well as how many workers do you need to help you.  When transporting a small office, you may want to go with a transit van that will fit about 400 cubic feet at once or, if you prefer something bigger, you can rent a luton van that can contain about 700 cubic feet. Now, if you want to know the estimated prices, have a look below:

Luton Van (700 cubic feet)

How many men: Price Per Hour (+VAT) Price up to 5 hours (+VAT)
1 50£ 230£
2 70£ 330£
3 85£ 400£

Transit Van (400 cubic feet)

How many men: Price Per Hour (+VAT) Price up to 5 hours (+VAT)
1 45£ 200£
2 60£ 275£
3 75£ 350£

Moving offices may seem hard when you first think about it. However, you don’t have to go through this alone and choosing MGR Removals will only make it easier. 

Have a nice trip!